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For those looking to study Chinese in China, Omeida Chinese Academy offers students a bridge into the dynamic, historic and utterly engaging China.

We have Chinese language programs that meet the needs and goals of students at all levels. With multiple courses and programs to choose from, we offer the flexibility for you to reach your Chinese language goals.

Whether you are joining us for intensive spoken Chinese program, attending one of our 18-week academic term courses, enjoying a one-on-one tailor-made course, or working together with us in the volunteer program, you will find that Omeida provides the perfect opportunity to be immersed in the Chinese language and culture.

About Our School

Omedia Chinese Academy is a wonderful place to study Chinese in china. At Omeida we provide Chinese language students with high quality tuition at very competitive prices.

Choosing to study Mandarin in China is a big decision and we realise that,which is why we make sure our students settle in to life in China comfortably. Our all inclusive programs provide tuition, accommodation and two meals a day.

Courses & Fees

Omeida Chinese Academy offers flexible, interactive classes in standard Mandarin by certified, University qualified teachers.

Most of our students enroll in our all inclusive package which includes Mandarin Lessons, single accommodation with ensuite and air conditioning, Chinese style meals on weekdays, social nights, cultural activities, an orientation of Yangshuo and more.


You'll have a private room with ensuite, 24hr hot water, air-conditioning and heating, internet access and free use of washing machine, within a 2-10 minute walk from school.

If you would like to have a double room to share with a friend or partner, please let us know in advance, we can arrange this for a small extra fee. If you would like to share a room with Chinese student to give you more time to practise your Mandarin we can arrange this at no extra charge.

School Activities

Cultural class-Chinese Tea Culture

As for the culture class this week, we went to a nearby teahouse to get to know different kinds of tea and learn how to make tea. Our teacher is the boss of the teahouse and he is also an expert of tea. He introduced different kinds of tea for our students at first, and taught our students how to make tea and finally let our students to taste different tapes of tea.

Latest News

Congratulations to Leasha on Completing Her Comprehensive Chinese Course!

Leasha has just completed her 24-week comprehensive Chinese course at Omeida! She has made great endeavor in learning Chinese and achieved great progress. Wish you all the best

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Chinese Autumn by Moritz

Moritz came to Omeida with an expectation to know more about Chinese language, culture, and politics. After 2-week study with us, he has been immersed deeply into this beautiful land.
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