HSK Preparation Course

Omeida’s HSK prep course is designed to prepare you for all elements of the HSK exam.  We pride ourselves in the fact we are the only Chinese school in China that guarantees you will pass your current HSK level exam. In the event that you don’t pass, Omeida will provide you with 50% off tuition of up to 2 weeks of extra lessons so you can retake the test(depending upon how much extra time you need).

If you are interested in the HSK examination, we will provide you with lessons aimed at preparing you for the test that will fit your proficiency level.

What is HSK?

The Chinese Proficiency Test or HanyuShuipingKaoshi (HSK) is China's national standardized test designed and developed to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers. It can be considered to be an equivalent of the TOEFL in English the way it draws more and more foreign examinees. The HSK certificate is becoming a talisman to find job opportunities

Omeida Chinese Academy provides you all materials and instructions to confidently take this exam, and our teachers are more than qualified to assist you in achieving your goal.

How will our course prepare you?

Customized to your HSK level

The HSK test is administered to 6 different levels, each numerically increasing in difficulty and measuring a higher degree of Chinese proficiency.  Depending upon your starting Chinese proficiency, we will determine which test level you should work towards completing.  Depending on intended length of your study, we can hopefully overcome multiple HSK levels.  To learn more about HSK Level Classification, visit HSK level classification.

Exercises and practice exams with certified HSK material

We provide you with materials published from the HSK test administrators that are designed to provide you with insight of the exam content.  These materials include HSK workbooks that provide you with drills and exercises that fully encompass the possible material in the exam.

Depending on your progress, we also administer HSK practice exams every 2 weeks to once a month.  This will help prep you for how to manage your time during the 90-120minute exam, as well as give you a feel for how prepared you are for your current exam level. 

Why take the HSK?

  • To certify that you have obtained the required Chinese proficiency to enter a college or university in China as an undergrad or grad student
  • To serve as a reference when applying to jobs that requires a certain level of Chinese competency;
  • To test your Chinese proficiency if you are learning the language. 

 You can view the prices and packages here 

The all-Inclusive package includes

  • Accommodation   Shared accommodation with Chinese roommate (private room available, 100-250RMB extra per week). Rooms include 24hr hot water, air-conditioning, heating, internet access and free use of washing machine, within a 2-10 minute walk from school.View photos of the accommodation.
  • Meals   Omeida provides lunch and dinner on weekdays at the school’s canteen.  The meals are Chinese style and available as dine-in or takeaway.
  • Mandarin lessons   You will receive 15 or 30 Mandarin lessons per week depending on whether you enroll in the standard or intensive option.
  • Textbook and learning materials
  • Free participation in weekly Thursday social nights and cultural activities
  • After school activities such as volleyball, basketball and video nights
  • Extra tutoring We can arrange a language partner to meet with you 5:00-6:00, times subject to change.
  • Guided tour of Yangshuo   Upon arrival, our staff or your language partner will show you around town to places such as the supermarket, West Street, and where to buy a mobile phone, SIM card, etc.
  • A map of Yangshuo
  • Chinese Visa assistance and invitation letter

Tuition-only package

You have the option of choosing the tuition-only package which includes everything in the all-inclusive package, excluding accommodation and meals.

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Test Regulations

1. Test Time and Registration Time

HanBan / Confucius Institute Headquarters will publicize the schedule of Chinese test centers all over the world at the end of each year, and the test date of each center may be slightly different. Before the registration, please access to www.chinesetesting.cn to see the schedule of each test center or consult the test center you are to choose. The beginning date of registration for each test shall be at least one month prior to the test date, and the registration shall be ended 20 days prior to the test. 

2. Test Admission Ticket

After the successful registration, the test taker can receive the confirmation information around 15 days prior to the test date, and may log on the registration website to print the test admission ticket, or take the test admission ticket at the exam outlet where he/she gets registered. 

The contents of test admission ticket shall include the test taker’s name, nationality, gender, certificate type and number, test subjects, test time, test center, test location, and test room, etc. 

The test taker shall carefully check whether the information on the test admission ticket is accurate and correct after receiving it. The name, gender, birth date and ID card number on the test admission ticket must be consistent with those on the valid certificate, otherwise the test taker shall be refused to take part in the exam. 

If the information on the test admission ticket is wrong, please do not alter it without authorization. After the chief examiner verifies that the information is really wrong on the test date, the test taker may alter it under the chief examiner’s supervision; and the examiner shall affix his/her signature on the test admission ticket for certification, otherwise his/her exam shall be rendered invalid. 

The test admission ticket is the certificate for entering the test room to take the test, and shall be kept by the test taker after the exam. The test admission ticket shall be shown when the test taker asks for or inquires about the score report or certificate. Generally, the number of the test admission ticket shall also be provided to get value added services such as online results enquiry and supplement of score report.

 3. Candidate’s Photo

As for any test required to offer a photo, the preparation and use of photo shall be made according to the following requirements:

Requirements of Photo Pattern:

  • Recent bareheaded photo with white background
  • Black-white photo or color photo
  • Showing the front face of test taker clearly
  • Showing the head and the upper part of shoulder of the test taker

If the test taker provides the electronic photo:

Specifications of electronic photo file:

  • Format: JPG/GIF/PNG
  • File size: below 100KB

Upload of electronic photo:

After logging on the registration website, the test taker may upload the electronic photo according to the instructions, then the photo can be shown on the test taker’s test admission ticket and the relevant certificate possibly obtained after the test. The test taker who uploads the electronic photo need not prepare the paper photo.

If the test taker provides the paper photo:

Specifications of paper photo:

  • Quantity: 2
  • Size: 40mm×30mm (standard 2-inch)
  • On the back of the photo the following information shall be indicated: Test taker’s name, test center code and test taker’s sequence number. 

The test taker who fails to provide the electronic photo should prepare two paper photos according to the above requirements. One photo should be affixed at the correct place of the test admission ticket after the test taker gets or prints his/her test entry card, and the other should be submitted to the proctor responsible for identity inspection when the test taker enters the test room on the test date. 

4. Articles Carried for the Test

On the test date, the test taker must carry the following articles to the test room:

  • Test admission ticket
  • Personal ID certificate with photo (ID card, passport or residence permit)
  • 2B Pencils (two or more)
  •  Eraser 

The test taker must not carry the following articles:

Recorder, camera, dictionary, MP3, mobile phone, Beep-pager, laptop, notebook, textbook or other articles irrelevant to the test

5. Entry Time and Entry Certificates

The test taker should arrive at the designated test room half an hour before the exam begins so as to avoid being late.

If the test taker is late for less than 5 minutes, he/she may immediately enter the test room to take the exam. If the test taker is late for 5-35 minutes, he/she may take the exam when the next part of the exam begins, and no extension shall be given to make up for the lost time. If the test taker is late for more than 35 minutes, his/her qualification of taking the exam will be cancelled.

When entering the test room, the test taker should show his/her own test admission ticket and the stipulated ID certificate provided during his/her registration. The name on the ID certificate must be fully consistent with that on the test admission ticket; the photo on the certificate must be the recognizable test taker himself/herself, i.e. the photo should be identical with the appearance of the test taker.

After entering the test room, the test taker should put the test admission ticket and the ID certificate at the top right corner of the table so as to facilitate the examiner and proctor to conduct inspection at any time.

If the test taker fails to provide the stipulated certificate or presents any fake certificate when entering the test room, he/she will be refused to take the exam, and the exam fees shall not be refunded.

6. Break and Exit

In general, the test taker should not leave the test room midway. For special reasons that the test taker has to leave the test room midway, he/she should ask for permission from the examiner in charge of the exam. Before leaving the test room, the test taker shall submit his/her test admission ticket to the examiner, and show the ID certificate when he/she returns to the test room.

7. Test Room Regulations

Each test taker must sit at the designated seat, and has no right to choose a seat;

The test taker is not allowed to take food or soft drinks in the process of exam;

The test taker should not open the exam paper beforehand, answer questions in a cross-part way (i.e., test takers should answer specified questions within the corresponding given time, instead of shifting among different sections of the Test), tear, change or copy contents of the exam paper, take the exam paper and the answer sheet out of the test room, or conduct other cheating behavior.

 8. Emergency Handling

1) If the test taker is subjected to unfair treatments due to the bad management such as insufficient test time, damaged exam paper or damaged exam facilities in the test room, which results in the test taker’s failure in completing the test, Chinese Testing International will organize a re-test for the test taker for free as soon as possible, but shall not make compensation for any indirect loss.

2) If the test can not be conducted due to force majeure such as natural disaster or fortuitous accidents, Chinese Testing International will organize a re-test for the test takers as soon as possible, or refund all test fees, but shall not make compensation for any indirect loss.

9. Absence from the Test

If the test taker does not take the test on the test date for reasons not caused by the test sponsor, the consequences should be assumed by the test taker, and Chinese Testing International is not responsible for arranging a re-test for the test taker. The test fee shall not be refunded. 

10. Violation and Punishment

In the process of the test, if any test taker conducts cheating acts such as hire of a proxy to take the exam, plagiary, notes smuggled into the test room, peep of relevant materials etc., the chief examiner has the right to forbid the test taker to continue the test, or makes a record on the exam report; and Chinese Testing International has the right to cancel the test taker’s test result and reserves the right to forbid him/her to take all tests conducted by the Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters.

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Timetable and Fees

Timetable for 2017 汉语水平考试(HSK)

考试日期 报名截止日期 成绩公布日期
Date of Results Announced
Test Dates Deadline for Registration
  纸笔考试 网络考试 纸笔考试 网络考试
  Paper-based Test Internet-based Test  Paper-based Test   Internet-based Test
1月14日 星期六Sat.  2016年12月18日 2017年1月4日 2月21日 2月6日
14th Jan. 18th Dec.2016 4th Jan.2017 21st Feb. 6th Feb.
2月12日 星期日Sun. 1月16日 2月2日??? 3月12日 2月27日
12th Feb. 16th Jan. 2nd Feb. 12th Mar. 27th Feb.
25th Feb.
星期六 Sat. ---- 2月15日
15th Feb.
---- 3月13日
19th Mar.
星期日Sun. 2月20日
9th Mar.
19th Apr.
3rd Apr.
4月22日 星期六Sat. 3月26日 4月12日 5月22日 5月8日
22nd Apr. 26th Mar. 12th Apr. 22nd May. 8th May.
7th May.
星期日Sun. ---- 4月27日
27th Apr.
---- 5月22日
22nd May.
5月20日 星期六 Sat. 4月23日 5月10日 6月20日 6月5日
20th May. 23rd Apr. 10thMay. 20th Jun. 5thJun.
6 月11日 星期日 Sun. 5月15日 6月1日 7月11日 6月26日
11th Jun. 15th May 1st Jun. 11th Jul. 26th Jun.
24th Jun.
星期六Sat. ---- 6月14日
14th Jun.
---- 7月10日
7 月15日 星期六Sat. 6月18日 7月5日 8月15日 7月31日
15th Jul. 18th Jun. 5th Jul. 15th Aug. 31st Jul.
29th Jul.
星期六Sat. ---- 7月19日
19th Jul.
---- 8月14日
14th Aug.
8月12日 星期六Sat. 7月16日 8月2日 9月12日 8月28日
12th Aug. 16th Jul. 2nd Aug. 12th Sept. 28th Sept.
27th Aug.
星期日Sun. ---- 8月17日
17th Aug.
---- 9月11日
9 月17日 星期日Sun. 8月21日 9月7日 10月17日 10月2日
17th Sept. 21st Aug. 7thSept. 17th Oct. 2ndOct.
10 月15日 星期日 Sun. 9月18日 10月5日 11月15日 10月30日
15th Oct. 18th Sept. 5th Oct. 15th Nov. 30th Oct.
28th Oct.
星期六Sat. ---- 10月18日
18th Oct.
---- 11月13日
13th Nov.
11月11日 星期六 Sat. 10月15日 11月1日 12月11日 11月27日
11th Nov. 15th Oct. 1stNov. 11th Dec. 27th Nov.
26th Nov.
星期日 Sun. ---- 11月16日
16th Nov.
---- 12月11日
11th Dec.
12 月3日 星期日 Sun. 11月6日 11月23日 2018年1月3日 12月18日
3rd Dec. 6th Nov. 23rd Nov. 3rd Jan. 2018 18th Dec.


Timetable for 2017 汉语水平口语考试(HSKK) 

考试日期 报名截止日期 成绩公布日期
Test Dates Deadline for Registration Date of Results
  纸笔考试 网络考试 Announced
  Paper-based Test Internet-based Test  
2月12日 星期日Sun. 1月16日 2月2日 3月12日
12th Feb. 16thJan. 2nd Feb. 12th Mar.
3月19日 星期日Sun. 2月20日 3月9日 4月19日
19th Mar. 20thFeb. 9th Mar. 19th Apr.
5月20日 星期六Sat. 4月23日 5月10日 6月20日
20th May 23rd Apr. 10thMay 20th Jun.
7月15日 星期六Sat. 6月18日 7月5日 8月15日
15th Jul 18th Jun. 5th Jul 15thAug.
10 月15日 星期日Sun. 9月18日 10月5日 11月15日
15th Oct. 18th Sept. 5th Oct. 15th Nov.
12 月3日 星期日Sun. 11月6日 11月23日 2018年1月3日
3rd Dec. 6th Nov. 23rd Nov. 3rd Jan. 2018


Fees for HSK test (RMB)

HSK Level 1 150
HSK Level 2 250
HSK Level 3 350
HSK Level 4 450
HSK Level 5 550
HSK Level 6 650
Oral test (elementary) 200
Oral test (intermediate) 300
Oral test (advanced) 400

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