Where is Yangshuo?

Yangshuo is 64 kms southeast of Guilin city in Guangxi province, China Neighboring Areas: Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan and Guangdong provinces.

Please find Yangshuo on the map of China:See more information on Yangshuo.

How do I get here?

By plane

The closest airport is Guilin’s international airport (KWL). The Guilin airport connects to major domestic cities as well as nearby international cities. From Guilin airport to school:
  • Taxi (pickup service), 80 minutes, ¥280 directly to school.
  • Airport Shuttle Bus, available from 09.30 to 20.00, every 1.5 to 2hours, 90minutes driving and ¥50 per person. It will arrive at Yangshuo North Bus Station which is about 20 minutes far from school on foot or 5minutes by taxi. Please see the map below (getting to Omeida's campus) as a reference.

By train

There are many high speed trains that make their way to stations near Yangshuo from the other parts of China.You may consider the following three destinations while booking train tickets.

  1. Yangshuo station (阳朔), 35km far from Yangshuo town center.
  2. Gongcheng station (恭城), 50km away from Yangshuo town center.
  3. If no train available from your departure city to Yangshuo or Gongcheng station, you may take a train to Guilin, and then to Yangshuo by bus or taxi. There are three train stations in Guilin, namely Guilin station(桂林), Guilin North station (桂林北) and Guilin West station (桂林西).

To help you save time and make your travel more convenient and comfortable, we can arrange taxi to pick you up directly from the train station to Omeida. The taxi fee are as follows:

From Duration Price
Guilin train station 桂林站 100min ¥240
Guilin North train station 桂林北 120min ¥300
Guilin West train station 桂林西 150min ¥320
Yangshuo train station 阳朔高铁站 50min ¥150
Gongcheng train station 恭城站 60min ¥180

Alternatively, you may take a taxi/bus from the train station to Guilin bus station and then take a bus to Yangshuo.

Step From To By bus By taxi
duration price duration price
1 Guilin train station Guilin bus station 3min ¥2 5min ¥12
Guilin North train station 50min ¥2 30min ¥35
Guilin West train station   /   / 35min ¥45
2 Guilin bus station Yangshuo North bus station 120min ¥28   /   /
3 Yangshuo North bus station Omeida Chinese Academy   /   / 5min ¥30

*Buses are available from Guilin Bus Station to Yangshuo North Bus Station every day from 7am to 9pm, with an interval of 25min.
*Buses are also available from Yangshuo Train Station to Yangshuo Train Bus Station every day from 8:30am to 21:50pm, with intervals from 30min to 2 hours.

Step From To By bus By taxi
duration price duration price
1 Yangshuo train station Yangshuo train bus station 60min ¥20   /   /
2 Yangshuo Train bus station Omeida Chinese Academy   /   / 8min ¥30

*All above times is dependant on bus intervals, traffic conditions and road works which can further add to delays.
To check train numbers, ticket availability and book tickets online, please contact our course consultant for more help.

By Bus

Buses from Guangzhou to Yangshuo depart more than 20 times per day, are about 7 hours long, and cost approximately ¥ 130-160 depending on which station you depart from and the type of bus you choose to take.

Buses from Shenzhen to Yangshuo depart 15 times per day, are about 9 hours long, and cost anywhere from ¥ 150-250 depending on which Shenzhen station you depart from and the type of bus you choose to take.

Getting to China

From Outside Asia

Major cities in Europe and the US have direct flights to Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. From these cities, you can then make a simple connecting flight to the Guilin airport (KWL).

From South East Asia

There are now regular, non-stop flights from Bangkok to Guilin with Bangkok Air, as well as non-stop flights from Kuala Lumpur to Guilin with Air Asia.

Useful websites

Sky Scanner
Air Asia
Air China

Getting to Omeida’s campus

We provide the accommodation from Sunday (before the first day of class) and the students are requested to check out on Saturday. For an extra night, it will cost ¥40/night for shared accommodation and ¥60/night for a single room at our school residence.

Please try to arrive before 4pm on Sunday. For late arrival after 4pm but before 8pm, there will be an extra service fee ¥50/person.  For the arrival after 8pm, we suggest to stay at a hostel and move into school dormitory the next day. If needed, we can help you book a hostel at a discounted price.

The map below provides our exact location within the town of Yangshuo.

School Address

49 Longyue Road,
Yangshuo, Guilin,
Guangxi, China
(next to the Yangshuo People’s Court)
In Chinese for you to show to the driver:
If you need any help, please call 0086 773 8812233.

From Yangshuo North Bus Station

Buses from Guilin will arrive at the North Bus Station. This is about 20 minutes walking distance from Omeida. You can take a motorcycle taxi which will cost about 5 or 8 RMB.

From Yangshuo South Bus Station

Buses from Guangzhou and Shenzhen will arrive at the South Bus Station. This is at least a 40 minute walk from Omeida. You can take the No.5 bus from the South Bus Station and get off at the Sinopec Gas Station. Then you can take a motorcycle taxi which will cost about 5 or 8 RMB. If you have luggage or bulky items, please contact us in advance for further information.

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