Position: Principal

Odar believes in the famous Chinese proverb – ‘give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. He also strongly believes it’s never too late to learn and it’s important to always be yourself.  

"Help others, help yourself!"


Position: Manager

Anya joined the Omeida team in 2011. She is friendly and patient. Graduate of China Pharmaceutical University she started working as a professional course consultant to find the right course for students, she is now in charge of the overall administration of Omeida Chinese Academy.

She aims to make your learning experience at Omeida very comfortable.


Position: Course Consultant

Cassie is passionate about learning diverse cultures and always willing to help others, which is why she spends a lot of her spare time volunteering. These include teaching students in some poor areas around Nanning and helping international students on her campus.

She wants to help more people learn about Chinese culture and have the opportunity to meet interesting people in and around Omeida.


Position: Marketing Manager

Vasti is from South Africa. She holds a BA degree in Visual Communication. Vasti loves to work in an environment where there is potential for growth and is happy when she can find a solution to someone’s need.

Apart from her work she has in interest in Chi Gong and TCM. In her spare time she loves to explore hidden treasures in the outdoors and loves taking street photography. Her motto in life is “Always stay true to yourself”


Position: Teaching Supervisor

It’s great to see how Wency turned from University graduate in Guangxi University to a fully fledged teacher after 5 years with Omeida Language College teaching Chinese to foreigners.  Wency loves teaching, she is patient and passionate about her work. She caters to different students by using a variety of teaching methods.  

Meanwhile, she likes sports and enjoys broadening her understanding of different cultures. Wency hopes that she will help students to understand the historic Chinese culture and learn to live and love it!


Position: Student Management

Twelve is from Xingping, an ancient town 35km away from Yangshuo. He is keen on Chinese culture especially Chinese calligraphy, national musical instruments, and is even an avid Beijing Opera performer.

'Help others, help yourself' has always been Twelve's motto. He continued with this motto with a successful and unforgettable experience working on cruise ships all over the world before joining Omeida in 2016.

Our Teachers

Everyone has the potential to be great and with the belief of another person it is so much easier to convert that potential to reality. We hire teachers not only on their academic merit or professional experience alone but a great teacher is warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. In becoming teachers here at Omeida, we are happy to say, we have many satisfied students.


Position: Chinese Teacher

Zhuge never expected to be a teacher but now she has university degree from Hezhou University and almost five years of teaching experience behind her. She loves teaching Chinese, and everytime students make progress in their study she shares their happiness.  She says she sets her heart and soul into her teaching, so her life is full and happy.  

Zhuge can feel the real meaning of what John Amos Comenius once said: “Teaching is the most brilliant career under the sun.”


Position: Chinese Teacher

Vivian comes from Yulin and graduated from Guangxi University in 2014 with a major in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.  She likes reading, traveling, and good food. She enjoys teaching Chinese. She tries to create an easy and happy learning atmosphere in class where students can really enjoy learning Chinese.

Her motto is ‘Work is the important way to get happiness.'


Position: Chinese teacher

Jasmine graduated from Guangxi University majored in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language in 2016. After university she taught Chinese in a senior high school in Thailand. She likes teaching Chinese as a foreign language and is trying her best to be an excellent Chinese teacher.  

She enjoys interacting with students during class, learning from each other and making progress together.


Position: Chinese Teacher

Yan is from Chongqing. She graduated from Changchun Normal University with a major in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and taught Chinese in Spainbefore joining Omeida. Yan is a patient, friendly, careful, and enthusiastic teacher.

Yan believes “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feedhim for a lifetime”. So she always try to help students to find their own way in learning Chinese.


Position: Chinese Teacher

Emma graduated from Huaqiao university with a major in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She has really enjoyed every lesson with her students during her teaching in the past 6 years,from her youngest student of 3 years old and oldest student with the grand age of 83.

Emma's advice about learning Chinese is:Don't make it complicated at the beginning,and don't be afraid to make mistakes when speaking.


Position: Chinese Teacher

Lulu is an open-minded,extroverted Beijing girl.She graduated from Beijing international University. Hermajor was Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.

She has been an exchange student in Ireland for a year and she has taught Chinese in Spain.She has experience in international trade and culture and communicates with foreigners both in work and as friends.She is fascinated by the great atmosphere in Omeida and the unique natural landscape of YangShuo.


Position: Chinese Teacher

Cindy has a great passion for Chinese teaching. During her 6 years of teaching home and abroad, she has always been dedicated to make Chinese learning more enjoyable and approachable.

She believes that learning Chinese is challenging yet so rewarding and she is willing to help every step of the way.


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