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How to get to Yangshuo

Yangshuo is 64 kms southeast of Guilin city in Guangxi province, China Neighboring Areas: Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan and Guangdong provinces.

Please find Yangshuo on the map of China:

By train

There are many trains that make their way to Guilin from the other parts of China From Guilin train station you can take a bus directly outside the train station toward Yangshuo, or we can arrange a taxi for you if your tell us your exact arrival date, time and train number.

Below, you can find some of most convenient trains to reach Yangshuo via Guilin:

  Train No. Depart time Arrival time
Shenzhen→Guilin K952 17:46 7:35 £®next morning£©
Shanghai→Guilin T77 16:38 12:15£®next day)
K537 16:49 14:25£®next day£©
K959 19:04 20:05£®next day£©
Beijing→ Guilin K21 8:58 12:26£®next day£©
T5 15:45 14:51£®next day£©
T189 18:50 17:52£®next day£©
K157 19:12 22:58£®next day£©
Guangzhou→Guilin K36 17:50 6:30£®next morning£©
K952 19:47 7:35£®next morning£©

By bus

From Guilin, there are frequent minibuses and express buses to Yangshuo. All buses terminate at the bus terminal in Yangshuo. Minibuses depart from the square in front of the Guilin railway station (80-90 minutes, ¥18, buy tickets in the bus) or from the Guilin bus terminal off Zhongshan Zhong Lu.

Guangzhou--Yangshuo 5-6 times/Day about 7 hrs, Express bus recommended price: 200 Yuan. Buses from Guangdong really don't go to the bus station; they just let you off in town, a ten-minute walk from the main tourist area following the signs to West Street.

Shenzhen--Yangshuo 5-6 times/Day about 9 hrs, Express bus recommended price: 150-250 Yuan, depending on which station in Shenzhen and which bus.

Nanning-Yangshuo 3 times/Day. Express bus recommended price: 120 Yuan.

By plane

Guilin has an international airport, which is just 1.5 hrs from Yangshuo by taxi (280-300 Yuan to rent).We will arrange a pick-up service if you tell us your exact arrival date, time and flight reference. Guilin airport links with major domestic and some international cities.

From Europe or USA

Major cities in Europe or in USA have direct flights to Guangzhou (canton), Shenzhen or Shanghai, from there you can take a connecting flight to Guillin airport.

From South East Asia

There are now regular non-stop flights from Bangkok to Guilin with Bangkok Air. There are also regular non-stop flights from Kuala Lumpur to Guilin with Air Asia.

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How to get to Omeida Chinese Academy in Yangshuo?

We are located in Yangshuo, Guangxi province, southwest of China.Please find us on the map of Yangshuo:

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