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Congratlations to those who have completed their

Congratulations to those who have completed their Chinese study at Omeida,  Su, Amelia and Chong finished their language trip. Su speaks Malay, English and Cantonese, now she can speak Mandarin as well. Amelia came to Omeida for several times, she stayed four weeks this time waiting her boyfriend Chong who is a German Chinese, his parents come from Shanghai. Back home in Germany, they speak German and Shanghai local language. Chong could know little Mandarin. He spent one week to learn Mandarin at Omeida. Congrates to all of you! Learn from the very basic Chinese till can talk to people in a quite fluent Chinese.

And also we have Ebba, she did well done job in her study. She has a Chinese name called 山茉莉shān mò lì which means a mountain jasmine flower. Five months stay at Omeida was a long time for her, because it’s too far away from home by herself leaving overseas. A comprehensive course learning from listening, speaking, reading to writing, 茉莉mò lìtook an intensive course and also applied for a voluntary job in our English School. The volunteer work helped her a lot in both teaching English and learning Chinese. That’s a good way to learn and manage language. We are so proud of the hard work they made. Hope you all keep it up. 



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