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腊八节,喝腊八粥là bā jié ,hē là bā zhōu

Laba Festival is a Chinese traditional festival for a long history. How was it born with the name Laba? Actually, Laba is a date which is the 8th day of December of Chinese lunar calendar.

It is said that during the winter time, people are not very busy in doing farm work, so they call up their relatives and friends to go hunting in the forest, in order to sacrifice to their ancestors. Hunt in Chinese is 猎(liè), it’s the same as 腊(là) in ancient time. So people called that month a 腊月(là yuè). As the name implies, the eighth day of December, we call it 腊八(là bā).

Another legend says, the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni is the son of Jinfan emperor in ancient northern India. It is said that he couldn't bear the people's suffering from diseases and poor. So he gave up the throne and decided to enter into religion. On the way to practice Buddhism, he was hungry and exhausted. A shepherd girl fed him with porridge which was made of rice and beans. Sakyamuni was thus able to continue his journey. Six years later, he became a Buddha under the bodhi tree on the 8th day of December of lunar calendar. To commemorate this and remember his sufferings, many temples cook and eat porridge, and give away to people around.

Eating porridge on the Laba Festival is a very old tradition. Laba rice porridge is made of at least 8 kinds of ingredients. Such as Coix, millet, glutinous rice, longan meat, wheat, peanut, date, red bean, green bean, lotus seed, corn, sesame and raisin and so on. The ingredients of Laba Porridge are various items that are full of nutrition. It also could be cooked as what flavor you like. After hours boiling, when you stir it till it looks stirred, and then it’s done.


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